Brad HennessieCEO

    Brad started with Drs. Macko, Roy and Forrester as a Research Assistant/Exercise Physiologist in 2009 and quickly became a Study Coordinator. After a few years of successful study coordination and going back to school for his MHA and MBA he filled the role of Lead Clinical Research Specialist for the Maryland Exercise and Robotics Center of Excellence. There he managed the day to day activities for the center with over $6M in yearly funding. While maintaining that role he also assumed a more forward thinking role that has included creating budget ands and putting together federal grant applications for as much as $26M in federal funding in one year. It was in this role that he realized a potential key to clinical translation may lie in industry development. He has worked with this team and developed the business plan and commercialization plan that lead to the successful MII submission. Brad’s background in leadership started with earning his Eagle Scout and 8 years as a Corporal in the Maryland Army National Guard. From there he managed the research protocols for a multitude of investigators at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the Baltimore VA Healthcare System.